For all, who are interested in the Orient

Восточная коллекция № 3, 2001 (6) The cover of this issue features a portrait of a Japanese taken from the album of Wilhelm-Gottlieb Tilesius,

Who took part in the first Russian round-the-world expedition in the early 19th century. The sketches from his two albums are published for the first time. The other publications of this issue are also unique: nostalgic notes of a Buddologist about his excavations in Central Asia; Turkish writer's extensive historical essay about the Sultan's harem; ethnographer's vivid description of ancient rites of the Buryat people; writer and translator's findings in remote Chinese province; connosieur's story of Japanese cuisine, which is filled with exotic flavours; Russian scholar's unexpected meetings with Indian hijra, who are called "third sex", and many others.

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