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Восточная коллекция № 3, 2002 (10) The issue open with a photo-essay by Igor Alyukov on the ancient Iranian town of Yezd, which, as the legend says, was founded by Alexander the Great.

The "Land of Orient" section
The three following essays describe travels to various parts of Asia.

Iraq with its Babylonian monuments, Moslem sacred places and present-day lifestyle is the topic of Vlad Ketkovich’s essay "Where Adam and Eve Lived". Nina Messhtyb publishes a fragment from the diary of her expedition to the land on Nenets people. The third journey, by Nikolay Listopadov, takes us to Eastern part of Bangladesh, inhabited mostly by Buddhists.

Svetlana Ryzhakova studies various meanings of coconut in Indian culture. The magazine finishes publishing Professor Alexander Mescheryakov’s "The Book of Japanese Symbols and Habits". From myths of ancient India to the present-day marriage rites - such is the range of material analyzed by Professor Irina Glushkova in her article "Indian Love". Tatyana Gabrusenko thinks that being thrifty is a traditional value of Korean wonem. An essay by Alexander Yurchenko describes how the image of rhinoceros changed in various cultures.

The "Writings" section introduces two interesting publications. The first is the article by Professor Dmitry Voskresensky about duilian, Chinese twin inscriptions, the second - memoirs of Valery Yankovsky about the file of Russian emigrants to Korea.

Olga Bibikova looks at Arabian bazaar in its various aspects. Professor Natalia Zhukovskaya in an expert in Mongolian cuisine. Her article is subtitled "Ethnologist’s Nostalgia for Mongolian Cuisine".

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