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Восточная коллекция №3, 2006 (26) As usual, a picture story opens this issue. This time it is devoted to Nepal.

2006 - Year of Russia in China
  • Dmitriy Voskresenskiy. From the Present to the Past. A prominent Russian Sinologist and translator, continues a series of essays about modern China. The author relates his recollections about Shanghai of the 1950-es, the Russian community of this city, and its modern appearance.
  • Vitaliy Larichev, Gennadiy Pikov, Lyudmila Tyuryumina. The Yuan Project. The scholars from Novosibirsk are working on a new translation of Yuan Shi, a Chinese dynastic history. The Yuan Project is based on the works of Archimandrit Petr (Kamenskiy), Russian sinologist.
  • Sergey Uyanaev. China-Russia: Partnership Potential. Review of the book China-Russia 2050: Stragegy of Development by Boris Kuzyk and Mikhail Titarenko.
  • Mariyam Kerimova. "Nomadic Inheritance" of Vasiliy Kandinskiy. The author traces the influence of shamanism and pagan concepts on the person and works of Vasiliy Kandinskiy, a prominent artist. Since student years he started studying myths and rituals of the Ural peoples.
  • Galina Timoschenkova. In the Mirror of Manuscript Music. The Russian State Library holds a manuscript, which contains written music: two hymns, two psalms, and two prayers addressed to Russian Emperor Alexander II. These works originate from one of the Karaite communities after Karakozov’s failed attempt at assassinating the Emperor. This manuscript, related to religious tradition of the Karaites, contains an original reflection of a dramatic moment in Russian history.
The Land of Orient
  • Rustam Mirzaev. Boysun Folklore Spring. Every year, a folklore festival under the aegis of UNESCO is held in the Boysun district of Uzbekistan.
  • Natalya Novikova. The Water Must not Flow over the Boat. Small peoples of Northern Russia use in their conflicts the traditional law, which does not have excessive regulations, but has taboos. Is it possible to combine cultural norms of these people with the regulations of modern law?
  • Yevgeniy Matochkin. Magical Rites near the Green Lake. The author tells about his expedition to uninhabited regions of Altai, where he has found previously unknown ancient rock paintings. It is possible that the place was a site for a ritual related to the cult of fertility and prolificacy.
  • Aleksey Krol. In Search of the Underground Town. Russian archaeologists conduct excavations in Memphis, 30 kilometers from Cairo. They have found a structure, the meaning of which they still have to ascertain.
  • Marina Mongush. Foreigners in Dharamsala. The foreigners who found themselves in Dharamsala have various fates. The reasons why people come to this town in Northern India, the residence of Dalai Lama, also vary. Among these people are Russian women who fall for the bait of local machos.
  • Yekaterina Peshakova, Olesya Gashkova. Indian Quarter. In old days, the Indian street in the town of Astrakhan enchanted the local population, making them to submerge in exotic world...
  • Nikolay Listopadov. A Bird’s Eye View of Pagan. An essay about the temples in Pagan, Myanmar, about the people whom the author met in the course of his journey. "Here the space itself is impregnated with powerful spiritual energy," thinks the author.
  • Anastasia Usova. The Manchus of the Zeya River. Historical essay about the villages inhabited by the Chinese, the Manchus, and the Daur people, situated on the Russian bank of the Amur river. These villages ceased to exist almost a century ago.
  • Viktor Pogadaev. Colours of the Whole Asia. The annual "Colours of Malaysia" festival goves you a chance to get acquainted with the cultures of all national communities of this country. The final show of the festival is held on Merdeka Square in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Irina Fedos’kina. Where the Dreams Take Us... The author’s notes about the visits to Indian ashrams, about the people she has met there. "The people go to India in order to experience something they could not find at home," such is the conclusion of the author after her return home.
  • In Eurasian Steppe. A picture story by Aleksey Potanin about the ceremony of mounting the Homage Cross near the town of Petukhovo, Kurgan region, of the border between Russia and Kazakhstan.
In the end of this issue our reader will find traditional "Orientnet" column.

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